How I made $700+ in 12 hours with ClickBank + Reddit and how you can do it too!

Hello Guys,

I was doing a little experiment involving ClickBank + Reddit and it turned out to be enormously profitable.

The best thing about this method is that it requires zero investment.

Things You Don’t Need:

– Website
– Hosting
– Domain
– Tracker
– Videos
– Articles
– PPC Ads
– Money to Invest

Things You Need:

– Twitter Account
– Reddit Account

Secret Recipe to Cook Meth:

Go to the Clickbank marketplace.

Search for ‘ Give It Away ‘.

Choose a product of your liking from the results.

The interesting thing here is that the products you will find under the ‘Give It Away’ search results are free for the buyers.

They only pay for the shipping which is between $4-$10 depending on the product.

This exactly revolves around the Dropshipping method where you run Facebook ads for products which are free but the customer has to pay for shipping.

But but but…

Here, you don’t have to upload any inventory of products, find a targeted audience or create ads and burn money on them until you find a winner and then get limited by PayPal or Stripe.

So once you choose a product, find as many subreddits as you can on the product’s niche.

If the product has a broad niche, you can try posting in the freebies subreddit section which has thousands of people online 24/7.

Create a Twitter account with a catchy name such as Freebie Deals or something.

Post a picture of the product and a nice caption with your affiliate URL on Twitter.

Make sure to shorten the affiliate URL using any free URL shortener that works with ClickBank.

Now copy the tweet link and post it on all the subreddits that you shortlisted and watch the money flow in.

Bonus Tips

– I tested the free premium makeup brush product and it sold like hotcakes.
– I also tested the free iPac gun t-shirt and it also sold really quickly and nicely.
– Sending a few upvotes on Reddit will massively help increase sales.

ENJOY and MAKE SOME MONEY Happydance Happydance Happydance

Special Thanks to my friend W White for this golden method.

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